Katarzyna Krakowiak creates sculptures, objects, sounds, sound installations and situations, all of them in order to find languages to describe architecture. Central to her work to date has been the concept of (sonic) taction, elaborated by formations of acoustic environments, welcoming the viewer-listener to submersion. Her works later expanded to large-scale installations with the use of existing urban structures in her investigations of limits of architecture. At present, Krakowiak’s work is extended into a conceptualization of architecture – and its unmeasurability – in linguistic terms: as an imperfective verb – a part of a process, a phase in observing and re-imagining, of acting and non-acting, of taking action and its cessation; and as language – a space of becoming and deconstruction, appearing differently, according to its usage; apparently, the same, but different, when unpeopled or inhabited.

Awarded (among others) by St. John’s College of Oxford University (UK), Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Poland), Trust for Mutual Understanding (US). In 2012 she got a special award for solo exhibition Making the walls quake as if they were dilated with the secret knowledge of great power (curator: Michał Libera) at the Polish Pavilion on the 13th International Exhibition of Architecture – la Biennale di Venezia Common Ground. Mother, partner, academic teacher. She lives and works in Otwock, Poland.

contact: kasia.krakowiak@gmail.com