The Whisper of Those Things Isn’t True

Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture, Królikarnia Palace, Warsaw, 24 September 2017

video documentation

Using a diamond, set upside down in my ring, I would cut out with my fist a scratch on 22 windows walking through the the exhibition space at the Krolikarnia. A scratch will be recorded in real time and played back amplified through the speakers outside of the building of Królikarnia. The sound of scratch will go in circles, following the architectural structure of the building. By making a scratch in the glass I will also open the inner space and connect the interior of the gallery with the Park outside. A snap between the invisible and nonphysical defines the essence of this transparency.

Architecture is transparency.

Sound built architecture acoustically divides world into the outer and inner space, while transparency of the glass, makes it visually all connected in one: interior of the building with park, park with the interior.
The sound helps us to discern the seclusion of these worlds.

Translucent surface of the glass/window becomes diaphragm / filter through which the spaces converse with each other. And images from afar come closer and overlap framed by the structure of the window. This way, window becomes a barrier/soundcatcher and a speaker simultaneously.

The whole building is created visually with the landscape piercing through it. It’s a composition and performance which sets the horizon for this building and for its connection to the external landscape.

This interpenetration of acoustic environments creates a new dimension of acoustic transparency.

Part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2017.

Special thanks to:
sound designer: Ralf Meinz
jeweller: Bogdan Zgódka
sound engineer: Craftman


photos: Bartek Górka