Landscape with waterfall or locus amoenus (pleasant place)

sound sculpture
curators: Aleksandra Jach, Katarzyna Słoboda
Łódź, September 2011

video documentation

Landscape painting in its most classical form sought to present more than one was able to observe while taking a walk – the painting was supposed to depict the ideal sphere, raising the viewer above everyday life. Often such paintings contained hidden symbols for the viewer to decode. Art history scholars disagree over interpretations and, as a result, give two different names to one painting. Katarzyna Krakowiak discovered the trail of the „pleasant place” in the middle of the urban buildings by one of the busiest streets in Łódź. It was the natural sound of flowing water. Locus amoenus (Latin for pleasant place) is an ancient pastoral staple of an idyllic place of pleasure. The pleasure resulting from nature, yet bearing a lot of danger at the same time.

Part of “Urban ecologies” project curated by Aleksandra Jach i Katarzyna Słoboda.